By entering the MAHLALE STUDENT DESIGN COMPETITION, the Entrant agrees and undertakes to be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions for entry to the Competition. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions of entry for any reason will result in immediate disqualification from the Competition.

“MAHLALE INNOVATION CONSORTIUM” hereafter refers to as (MIC) 

There are three categories for this competition: 

1)  Open Category for all scholars and students studying in South Africa with an active, registered student number. 

Enter any service or product that you have implemented to flatten the curve during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

 2) Innovation Category for all University Students in South Africa with an active, registered student number. 

Enter any new business
idea, invention, an innovation that can be used to combat Covid-19 or other health-related threats into the future. 

 3) Engineering Category for all University Students in South Africa with an active, registered student number. 

Enter any improvements, innovations or concepts that will reduce the shortage of ventilators in South Africa.  

Terms and Conditions of Entry are as follows:

  1. Entrant for all categories must be a South African citizen or resident in the Republic of South Africa to be eligible to enter the competition.  Proof of residency for the Republic of South Africa to be provided.
  2. Any person who is an employee or on the management committee of MIC and/or any other agent, promoter and/or other person connected with the Competition and/or a member of their family shall be ineligible to participate in the Competition and will be automatically disqualified.
  3. MIC has the sole discretion to disqualify an entrant from the Competition. In the event that this occurs, MIC shall not be under any obligation to inform the Entrant of their disqualification nor shall it be obliged to provide a reason for its decision.
  4. All decisions of MIC and or its nominated third parties shall be final and MIC shall not enter into any correspondence, dialogue and/or otherwise with any person regarding any aspect of the Competition.
  5. All entries must be original, and not abusive, defamatory, offensive, derogatory, degrading and/or otherwise not acceptable due to the nature of the material submitted.
  6. MIC may, at its sole discretion, decide that any entry is not eligible due to the nature of the content of the entry and may disqualify a person from the Competition and any such future events.


The prizes for the competition are as follows:

  1. 1st prize will be R25, 000, second prize will be R15, 000 and the third prize will be R10, 000. These prizes, in the form of Gift Vouchers, are for each of the three categories and are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. The winners will be announced at the gala evening where the prizes will be presented to the winners. Should a winner be unable to attend the event, he/she may nominate a representative to collect the prize.
  3. The competition closes at 17h00 on 29 July 2021. All entries received and/or made after the set time shall be disqualified automatically. MIC reserves the right to change the dates or cancel the competition at any time.

The prizes will be awarded at the awards evening organised by the MIC, taking covid protocol into account.  Details will be communicated to the prize winners.

Cost and Method of Entry

  1. Entry to the competition is free. However, all costs incurred by an entrant for the entry are the entrant’s personal responsibility. Only the following methods of entry to the Competition will be accepted by the MIC:

10.1. By filling in all the details required in the entry form, the entrant confirms his/her acceptance of the terms and condition of entry and completing the design and sending it to the MIC. All entries must be completed by the deadline. An acknowledgement of entry will be provided by MIC, but no reference will be provided.

10.2. No responsibility will be accepted by MIC for any entries which are lost, incomplete, or delayed beyond the deadlines, fail to arrive, or damaged, or illegible, or for any other reason not received by the deadline. Any omission on the entry in terms of the rules might lead to automatic disqualification. 

10.3. No responsibility will be accepted by MIC for the cost and/or charges incurred in respect of any entries. MIC shall not be liable for any reason to any person who may enter the Competition and each entrant enters at their own risk and cost.

  1. MIC will not be held liable for any damage, injury, loss of intellectual property, theft, etc. that may occur during and after the competition period.

 Grants and Licences 

12. The Entrant hereby fully and unreservedly grants to MIC a non-exclusive, full and unfettered licence to perform and conduct any and all of the following (in full accordance with the unfettered discretion of MIC) in perpetuity, and without need for MIC, and without need for MIC to otherwise first seek approval/permission from the Entrant or any third party broadcast the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata” including broadcast in any media, television programme, video, film, webcast, cable network, mass viewing, private viewing, theatre, cinema, websites, blogs, on any computer network (including the Internet) and the like (whether such broadcast is in digital form, analogue, film or otherwise);

  • exhibit the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata” in any art gallery or exhibition;
  • publish, print and distribute the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata” in any media, including (but not limited to) any magazine, advertisement, book, catalogue, periodical, publication, leaflet, document and the like;
  • copy, manufacture and distribute copies of the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata” in any form (whether analogue, digital or otherwise), including (but not limited to) videos, movies, CDs, DVDs, digital files and the like;
  • publish and distribute the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata” in the form of a web page or digital file on any computer network (including the Internet);
  • promote the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata” in any manner deemed fit and suitable by MIC and in full accordance with the full and unfettered discretion of MC;
  • showcase the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata” in any trade show, event and the like;
  • destroy, discard or otherwise dispose of the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata” and copies thereof in the possession of MIC; and otherwise use the Entrant’s “Work(s), Information and Metadata”.

12.1 Personal Image Release: In registering for the MSDC, the Entrant grants permission to MIC, its agents and others working under its authority, to take and to have full and free use of video/photographs containing their image/likeness. It is understood these images may be used for promotional, news, online/multimedia, research and/or educational purposes by and for MIC.

12.2 The Entrant agrees that they are not entitled to remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment from MIC in respect of their image/likeness or its use. The Entrant release, discharge, and hold harmless, MIC and its agents from any and all claims, demands or causes of actions that they may hereafter have by reason of anything contained in the photographs or video.

  1. The Entrant hereby fully and unreservedly grants to MIC the power and authority to grant sub-licences to any MIC Agent to conduct any of the acts stipulated in Clause 12 above and to assist MIC in conducting any such acts, with the limitation that such sub-licences do not exceed the scope of the licences provided in Clause 12 above.
  2. The Entrant may terminate or withdraw the grants and licences stipulated in Clauses 12 and 13 above ONLY by communicating not less than one (1) calendar month written notice of such termination or withdrawal (as the case may be), upon which this Agreement shall be automatically terminated (without need for notice) on the same day as the termination/withdrawal of such grants and licences. 

Prize Winners

  1. The prizes will be awarded at the Gala Event on 13 August 2021. The winning entries will be judged by a panel of judges who are in the relevant fields. There shall be no independent supervision of the Competition and all decisions are at the sole discretion of MIC.
  2. The decision of MIC as to the winners of the Competition shall be final.
  3. No entrant can be awarded more than one prize per competition.
  4. The winners will be notified by email within the timescale specified below unless the MIC decides at its sole discretion that the timescale for notification needs to be extended for any reason.
  5. Winners will be notified by an email to the email address provided by the person when they entered the Competition within 7 working days of the date of the close of the Competition.
  6. Any prize has to be accepted within 2 working days of the winner being notified. After that date, no prize shall be available to that person and at MIC’s sole discretion another eligible person may be selected for the prize. MIC will attempt to make contact with the winners via email and will do so twice a day for no longer than two working days.
  7. The prize can only be awarded and/or taken by the person whose name is provided at the time of entry to the Competition. 

Changes to Terms and Conditions of Entry and Prizes

  1. MIC reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw and/or substitute any prize at any time for any reason. MIC may replace and/or substitute any prize with any products, goods, services and/or cash that it decides is appropriate in the circumstances.
  2. MIC may at any time decide to change, cancel, amend, vary, delete, add to and/or otherwise alter the terms and conditions of entry, the prizes and/or any other part of the Competition. MIC shall not be required to send a separate notification to each person who has and/or may enter the Competition. It shall be sufficient that details shall be available on the MIC’s website.

Personal Information

  1. The personal details which have been submitted for the Competition will be held by MIC. This information will only be shared with third parties involved with the Competition for the administration of the Competition and/or the supply and delivery of the prizes, as well as the delivery of the newsletter selected by the entrant.
  2. If the user no longer wants their details held by MIC, they can remove themselves by using the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of their selected newsletter.
  3. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the Entrant agrees that their personal information may be shared as outlined under these terms and conditions.

Force Majeure and Law

  1. Where for any reason beyond the reasonable control of MIC the Competition cannot be carried out and/or completed as planned and/or advertised, then MIC reserves the right to cancel the Competition at any time and in such event shall not be liable to any person for any reason who may have entered the Competition.
  2. The terms and conditions of this Competition shall be subject to the Laws of South Africa.

Publicity and Marketing

  1. All entrants shall have their name and designs displayed on the MIC website, as well as all social media channels associated with MIC.
  2. All winners will be promoted across all media platforms available to the MIC for a period of one calendar month after the Gala Event.  Should any Winner be granted an interview, the Winner to agree to make him/herself available and to timeously respond to requests for interviews, whether in written, live, digital or social media format as described in Clause 12.


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